Animashree Anandkumar

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Assistant Professor,
Sloan Fellow and Microsoft Faculty Fellow,
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science,
University of California Irvine,

Irvine, CA 92697-3425
Office: 4408 Engineering Hall

I am a faculty at the EECS Department at University of California Irvine since August 2010. I am a member of the center for pervasive communications and computing (CPCC). I also hold a joint appointment with the ICS Dept. at UCI.

My research focus is in the high-dimensional learning of probabilistic graphical models and latent variable models. Broadly I am interested in machine learning, high-dimensional statistics, tensor methods, statistical physics, information theory and signal processing.

Short presentation on overview of my research. Streaming Link Alternatively download the presentation: .zip

Prospective students/ Postdoctoral researchers/ Visitors

I am looking for graduate students with a strong mathematical background in probability and statistics, algorithms and graph theory. If my research sounds exciting, apply to EECS graduate program here. I also hold a joint appointment with ICS. Alternatively, you can also apply to ICS here. Please do not contact me directly. I will not be able to respond to individual queries. I also do not plan to offer undergraduate summer internships. Please do not send me emails asking for one.

I am also interested in hosting postdoctoral researchers and visitors. Drop me an email if you are interested.

Upcoming Events

  • Simons workshop on "Tensors in Computer Science and Geometry," Nov.10-14th, 2014. Link
  • Invited talk, Theory of Big Data Science at UCL, London, Jan 7-9 2015.
  • Bootcamp talk, big data program, Fields Institute. Jan 16th 2015.
  • Member of organizing committee, workshop on "Optimization in Big Data" at the Fields Institute, Toronto, February 9 – 13, 2015. Link
  • Invited talk at Strata conference, 2/18/2015. Link
  • Simon's workshop on Information Theory, Learning and Big Data, March 2015. Link
  • Dagstuhl workshop, "Mathematical and Computational Foundations of Learning Theory", Aug. 30th - Sept. 4th 2015.

Latest News

  • Simons Workshop on Spectral Algorithms: From Theory to Practice, October 27-31, 2014.
  • Data science kickoff event, UCI. Slides
  • Simons Workshop on "Semidefinite Optimization, Approximation, and Applications", September 2014, Simons Institute. September 22-26, 2014. Slides. Video.
  • Lectures, Machine Learning Summer School, Pittsburgh, July 2014. Link
  • Tutorial, AAAI, July 2014
  • What's hot in Machine Learning? Talk at AAAI. Link
  • Invited talk, Spectral learning Workshop, ICML. Link for slides
  • Invited talk, Deep Learning Models for Emerging Big Data Applications Workshop at ICML 2014. Link for slides
  • Invited talk, Learning Tractable Probabilistic Models, ICML workshop. Link for slides
  • MSR-NE Colloquium, May 14th 2014
  • Invited talk, Network Science and Graph Algorithms, ICERM, Brown University, April 2014.
  • Invited talk, MLConf, April 11th 2014
  • Sloan fellowship. Link UCI-link
  • Invited Talk, ITA, Feb. 2014
  • Talk at NIPS workshop on Topic Modeling, Dec. 2013
  • Tutorial at the workshop on "Networks and Inference", Bangalore, India, Dec. 16-19th Talk at Google Research, Nov. 15th
  • Talk at MIT, Oct. 28-29
  • Talk at UCSD, Nov. 4th. Slides
  • Awarded Azure resources for research. Link
  • Livestream interview at the Microsoft faculty summit. Link
  • Paper on identifiability of overcomplete topic models accepted to NIPS 2013.
  • Paper on learning overlapping communities posted. Paper.
  • Announcement of the Microsoft Faculty Award. UCI Link. MSR Link.
  • Tutorial at ICML 2013 on tensor methods Link.
  • Young Investigator Award (YIP) by ARO
  • NSF Career award. Announcement on CPCC website
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