When and Where

Quarter: Spring 2009

Time: Thursdays 2:00-3:00 pm (unless co-hosted with the CS Seminar, in which case the lecture is on Fridays 11am-noon.)
Refreshements will be served at 1:45 pm (and 10:45 respectively).

Location: DBH 6011 (unless otherwise noted).

Spring '09 Schedule

Date Speaker About the Talk
April 2
(Thu 2-3pm)
Athina Markopoulou & NetSys Faculty
Logistics and Overview of Networking Research at UCI
April 10
(Fri 11am-noon, joint CS seminar)
David Kempe
Optimization Problems in Social Networks
April 16
(Thu 2-3pm)
KC Claffy
Internet mapping: why wall street and main street should care
April 23
(Thu 2-3pm)
Steven Low
Reverse Engineering TCP/IP-like Networks
May 1
(Fri 11am-noon, joint CS seminar)
George Varghese
Getting an Edge at High Speeds: Randomized Algorithms and Networking Hardware
May 7
(Thu 2-3pm in DBH 4011)
Ulas Kozat
DoCoMo USA Labs
Hybrid Video on Demand Architecture with Supply-Demand based Optimization
May 14
(Thu 2-3pm)
Nina Taft
Intel Research, Berkeley
Poisoning and Defending PCA-based Anomaly Detectors
May 21
(Thu 2-3pm)
Mario Gerla
Vehicular Urban Sensing: Dissemination and Retrieval
May 29
(Fri 11am-noon, joint CS seminar)
Keith Ross
Polytechnic Institute of NYU
P2P Live Video Streaming
June 5
(Fri 11am-noon, joint CS seminar)
Mani Chandy
Engineering Smart Systems


For more information and to meet the speakers, please contact Athina Markopoulou at athina-at-uci-dot-edu.


  •  Directions to UCI . DBH is Bldg 314 and Calit2 is Bldg 325 on the UCI campus map.
  • If you are a speaker, we have reserved a parking permit for you and we have sent it to you by email together with instructions. You can park either in lot 18B (across from University club) or in lot 12B. Please follow the instructions we emailed you.


This seminar is sponsored by the Networked Systems Program. Some of these lectures are co-hosted by the CS Seminar Series.

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