Professor Pai H. Chou


Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), and
Center for Embedded Cyber-Physical Systems (CECS)
3435 Engineering Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-2625 USA
+1 (949) 824-3229 (UCI-EBAY), fax (949) 824-4152
Driving directions

Research Interests

  • embedded systems hardware and software, the Internet of Things
  • low-power design and energy harvesting
  • design tools and system modeling


  • S’18

    • (summer) EECS 1 Introduction to EE and CpE (online)


  • Publications, Google Scholar statistics, ResearchGate profile

  • Overview

  • Talks with slides

  • Current Funding:

    • (7/2014) NIH SBIR Phase 2 on ECG for Long-QT screening.
    • (7/2015) NIH SBIR Phase 1 of BlueBox recorder
    • (9/2015) NIH SBIR Phase 1 of system for asthma assessment
  • Recent Projects

    • NIST: Next Generation SCADA for Prevention and Mitigation of Water System Infrastructure Disaster (NIST: 4/09 - 3/13)
    • Coastal underwater sediments tracking (NSF: 9/09 - 8/13)
    • ECG Device for Long QT Syndrome Screening in Newborn (NIH: 7/12 - 6/13)
    • Infant Sleep Environment Monitoring System (SEMS) for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) (NIH: 7/12 - 6/13)
  • Previous Projects

    • DuraNode for structural health monitoring
    • Mini-FDPM non-invasive breast cancer detector
    • Energy harvesters: Ambimax, Everlast, DuraCap, EscaCap
    • B# (B-sharp) battery emulator and power profiling instrument
    • IMPACCT: Integrated Management of Power Aware Computation and Communication Technologies (DARPA: 2000-2004. PI: N. Bagherzadeh)
    • Chinook (1992-1998) hardware/software co-synthesis system
  • NSF CAREER Award (2005-2010)




  • Associate Chair for Computer Engineering (2015-2017)
  • Chair of Computer Science and Engineering (2015-2016)
  • TPC Member: ISLPED 2016-2017, DAC 2016-2017, CPSCom 2017, ICCE-Berlin
  • General Chair, ISLPED 2013, (International Symposium on Low-Power Electronics and Design), Beijing, China; and
  • TPC Co-Chair, ISLPED 2012:
    Redondo Beach, July 30-August 1, 2012.
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Embedded Systems Letters (2008-2010), Springer DAEM (2005-)
  • Associate Chair for Computer Engineering, UCI (2009,2010,2011)
    ABET accreditation, Curriculum reform, Prelim scheduling, …
  • Faculty Advisor for IEEE Student Chapter, UCI (2010, 2011)


  • 2015: Low Power Design Contest, International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED)

  • 2013: Low Power Design Contest, International Symposium on Low Power Electronic and Design (ISLPED): “Energy harvesting from anti-corrosion sources”

  • 2007: DAC/ISSCC Design Contest Award: “HBS: a handheld breast cancer detector based on FDPM”

  • 2006: Best Demo Award, IEEE SECON

  • 2006: Low-Power Design Contest, ISLPED, “AmbiMax: Efficient, Autonomous Energy Harvesting System for Multiple-Supply Wireless Sensor Nodes”

  • 2005: NSF CAREER Award, “Design Optimization and Quantitative Evaluation of Wireless Embedded Sensing Systems”

  • 2005: Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, UC Irvine

  • 2005: Low-Power Design Contest, ISLPED, “Everlast: Long-life, supercapacitor-operated Wireless Sensor Node,”

  • 2004: Recognition of Service Award, ACM

  • 2004, Low-Power Design Contest, ISLPED, “Eco: an Ultra-Compact Low-Power Wireless Sensor Node for Real-time Motion Monitoring”

  • 2004, Low-Power Design Contest, ISLPED, “DuraNode: Wireless Sensor Node for Structural Health Monitoring”

  • 2003, Low-Power Design Contest, ISLPED, “B#: A Battery Emulator and Power Profiling Instrument”

  • 2002: SIGDA Technical Leadership Award, 39th DAC

  • 2002: Best Paper Award, Asia South-Pacific Design Automation Conference


Current students

  • Hsin-Chung (“Andrew”) Chen (Ph.D., candidacy Fall 2016)
  • Mahya Safavi (Ph.D. candidate)
  • Ali Heydari (M.S./Ph.D.)
  • Neha Udaiwal (M.S.)
  • Pavan Madehalli Ranganath (M.S.)

Visiting scholar

  • Cheng-Ting (“Davis”) Lee, Apr 2017 - Apr 2018
  • Yusuke Inoue (Kyushu University) Jan-Mar 2017

Former students – Ph.D. and Postdoc

  • Ting-Chou (“Brett”) Chien (Ph.D. Fall 2016, candidacy F’11) “Scalable Runtime Support for Edge-To-Cloud Integration of Distributed Sensing Systems”
  • Jun Luan (Ph.D. Spring 2016, candidacy W’13) “Power Optimization for Medical Sensing Systems”
  • Seung-Jae Lee (Ph.D. Winter 2016., candidacy Summer’13) “Framework and Algorithms for Wearable Medical Monitoring Systems”
  • Chengjia Huo (candidacy Sp’11; Ph.D. 9/30/2014. now at ServiceNow), “A Centralized IoT Middlware System for Devices Working Across Application Domains Using Self-Descriptive Capability Profile”
  • Eunbae Yoon (MS/PhD, joined ‘09; candidacy F’11, Ph.D. June 2013. now at Western Digital) “Exploiting Master-Slave Bus Architecture and Storage Devices to Enable High-Performance, Low-Power Logging for Sensor Systems”
  • Vahid Salmani (Ph.D., joined Sp’08; candidacy W’10, Ph.D. June 2013, currently Research Engineer at SK Hynix) “Adaptive Multiple Access Communication for High Data Rate Wireless Sensing Applications”
  • Hyeoungho Bae (Ph.D., joined F’08; candidacy Sp’10, Ph.D. May 2013. Now at Microsoft.) “Embedded Computer Vision Systems for Image Based Motion and Speckle Image Analysis”
  • Sehwan Kim (joined Fall ‘08, candidacy Mar. ‘11, Ph.D. Dec. ‘11 awarded; postdoc till Jan’13. Now Assistant Professor at Dankook University) “Energy Harvesting and Power Optimization for Remote Sensing Systems”.
  • Hadil Mustafa (Ph.D., candidacy Fall’11; Ph.D. Spr’12, now Assistant Professor at Cal State Chico) “Energy-Efficient Algorithm and System Architecture for Distributed Real-time Detection of Rupture Events”
  • Jinsik Kim (Ph.D. spring 2010; now at Western Digital) “Code Layout Optimization for Remote Progressive Code Update for Networked Embedded Systems”
  • Chongjing Chen (M.S. ‘06, Ph.D. fall ‘09 awarded; now Senior Staff Engineer at Broadcom) “Low Complexity and High Throughput Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks”
  • Jiwon Hahn, (M.S.’03, candidacy’06, Ph.D. summer ‘08 awarded; now Senior SW Engineer at Thales) “A Runtime System for Memory-Constrained Networked Embedded Systems”
  • Seung-Mok Yoo (Ph.D. Fall’07 awarded; now at ETRI) “Software Architecture for High Data Rate Wireless Body Sensor Applications”
  • Chulsung Park, (M.S.; candidacy’05, Ph.D.Summer ‘07 awarded) “Challenges on the Design and Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Platform for Real-World Applications”
  • Keun Sik No, (candidacy’04, Ph.D. Spring ‘07 awarded; former researcher at BLI, now at LG) “HBS: a Handheld Breast Cancer Detector Based on Frequency Domain Photon Migration”
  • Dexin Li, (Ph.D.’06 awarded) now Senior Manager, software in Emerging Solution Divisions (ESD) at at Rambus. “System-Level Power Optimization and Management for Complex Embedded Systems”
  • Jinfeng Liu, (Ph.D.’05 awarded; formerly Synopsys; now MultiDimension) “System-level Optimization and Validation for Power-Constrained Embedded Systems.”

Former students – M.S. (not including others above)

  • Subramanian Meenakshi Sundaram (M.S. Winter ‘17)
  • Derrick Lo (M.S. Summer ‘15)
  • Don Nguyen (MS, joined F’10, MS Summer ‘13)
  • Ahmad Abiri (M.S., joined F’11, MS S’13)
  • Justin Jones (joined Fall’10, MS Summer ‘12)
  • Ruyyan Ellaithy (MS Summer ‘12)
  • Farhan Simjee (MS summer ‘06)
  • Devyani Sharma (MS April ‘06)
  • Jae Park (M.S.’05)
  • Scott Lippert (M.S.’03)
  • Qiang Xie (ICS; candidacy)
  • Liang Pan (MS W’08; joined PhD (ICS) Sp’08; candidacy Dec.’11)