Integrated Scientific Imaging Laboratory

Dr. Stuart Kleinfelder, Ph.D.


Dr. Kleinfelder’s laboratory develops custom integrated circuits and instrumentation for scientific imaging applications. Research includes high-speed, low noise and high-dynamic range digital imaging, imaging systems for charged particles and X-rays, etc., for Astrophysics, High Energy Physics and Nuclear Science, Electron Microscopy, X-ray Crystallography, Positron-Emission Tomography and numerous other fields of application.

Dr. Kleinfelder has over 30 years of experience designing highly-advanced and novel integrated circuits. Examples: For high-speed imaging, he developed the first digital camera IC with complete per-pixel A/D conversion (Stanford University). In the field of High-Energy Physics, Dr. Kleinfelder developed the first custom CMOS IC (the SVX smart silicon tracking readout chips) and the first custom radiation-hardened chip (SVX-H). For Physics, Nuclear Science and Astrophysics, he invented the SCA, ATWD and SST transient analog waveform capture, digitization and triggering techniques and circuits, now in world-wide use.

Dr. Kleinfelder received the Ph.D. degree from Stanford University and the M.S. degree from U.C. Berkeley. He has published over 140 papers and received awards for both teaching and research. He has performed extensive and wide-ranging community service, including for the Advanced Composition Explorer Matrix VLSI development with Caltech, the R&D-100 award-winning MTD series of time to digital converters, and expert witness services in the field of CMOS image sensors, etc.


Integrated Scientific Imaging Laboratory Overview